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Sewer and aqueduct replacement

Sewer problem

Over the years, sewer pipes can deteriorate due to several factors caused by older types of less efficient pipes such as asbestos cement, sandstone or even concrete. These pipes do not have a tight seal against tree roots and can crack over the years, which can cause  a blockage and possibly a backflow of the pipe inside the building. In addition, the French drain is often connected to the sewer line and a blockage of the connection can cause a water infiltration through the basement slab. By carrying out a complete replacement of the pipe, with modern 14-foot-long PVC pipes, we ensure peace of mind for years to come. 


Aqueduct problem

Water pipes dating from before the 1980s,  are thinner in size and thickness than modern pipes. Over time, these pipes can wear out  and break through. This results in a loss of pressure inside the home. You must  then replace the pipe. 

Égout Aqueduc

Work done in 1 day

Replacement of sewer and aqueduct

No more root infiltration possible

Sustainable materials 

Trench shoring

Our company uses hydraulic shoring cylinders that allow this work to be carried out in a narrower trench and thus limit damage to the ground and sidewalk while ensuring the safety of our workers.

Camera inspection


We offer a video driving inspection service as well as driving location.

The camera inspection helps determine the problem of a sewer or French drain and determine the best solution to your problem.

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